Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sadly, not so far-fetched...

Ineptitude alone is not the bane of WBAI's existence—selfishness and a disrespectful attitude towards the listener-supporters have played a major role in its deterioration and imminent demise. So has Pacifica's corrupt governance and gross mismanagement. The above photo is slightly modified, but I think it captures the essence of the problem, and it is no more deceptive than the WBAI host it depicts.

When the microphones are off and pre-recorded programs air, much animated discussion takes place in WBAI's rented studio at CCNY.
A comment from the BlueBoard:
"There may be more going on in the studio when the mics are off."

You ain't kidding!
You folks out there don't know the half of the shit that's really going down.

Yeah looks like the curtain is falling on this circus.
It's been real!  —Sidney Smith

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