Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A May Day Message

The following report from R. Paul Martin was posted 
May 1, 2013. May Day, ironically. It speaks for itself:

Ibrahim González, gentle soul and WBAI faithful that he is, posted on the Blue Board that he would give the station back any penalty money they might be forced to pay out by the union. This is mostly drawing praise for Ibrahim, but Sidney Smith has experienced homelessness and the thought of an encore makes it difficult for him to be quite as noble. Here is the response he posted on that board. He asks just the right questions: 


  1. This is a grave matter for WBAI. About 2 years ago, I came back to WBAI and was mesmerized by the collective commentaries of an authentic, true newscasts illustrating "what is actually going on" and not just some corporate coverup. Being a green proletariat and most definitely poor, WBAI is a beacon of light in the corporate darkness. Long Live WBAI!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I share your wish that WBAI live long, but not in its present state of moral and ethical decay.