Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pertinent reading...

Ibrahim Gonzaléz's Mother's Day letter, which he posted on the BlueBoard. This link will take you to it:  Ibrahim's letter.

Robbie Barish, who first came to WBAI in 1966 and wisely used it as a stepping stone to the broadcasting industry and impressive higher learning, has recently been of invaluable help to Bob Fass, who inspired him so many years ago. Like all of us who knew the ethical, principled WBAI, Robbie is dismayed at the implosion he sees. He commented on it in the BlueBoard forum. I recommend that you read his words.

Here is another voice of reason as posted to the BlueBoard. I don't know who this person is, but the critique of WBAI's programming direction is sadly accurate. Read it here.

You have probably heard Christine Blosdale, the woman KPFK sent to WBAI as a pitcher during the last marathon (seems like only yesterday and it almost was). Well, she's back and up to her old tricks of defrauding the listeners. She also appears to be pitching for the GM job at KPFK, which is giving her more publicity than she probably wants. Take a look at this.

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