Sunday, April 28, 2013

WBAI left a lasting impression...

I frequently criticize the music programs on the current WBAI, and have been called a nostalgic, living-in-the-past old man by people here who obviously don't 
understand why I find IfĂ©, Hopper, Ryan, and others missing the point of WBAI.

Yesterday, I received in the mail a new record release, a nicely crafted wood box 
containing five LPs and an elaborate LP-sized book of notes and photos.

It is not something I would normally bring up here, but one of the sessions by the historic New York Arts Quartet took place right in our studio at 30 
East 39th Street. The notes refer to that and paint a flattering picture of WBAI 
and the sort of cutting edge work we were doing. It might make it easier to understand why I am so appalled by
the station's current disc jockey approach to music.

Here is an excerpt from the accompanying 150-page book that pertains to WBAI. I apologize for repeating the second panel, a mistake due to the text being photographed rather than scanned—I did not want to bend and possibly mar the wonderful book.  (click on the text image to enlarge it):

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