Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pacifica's House of Cards...

This just in: Last Saturday, at KPFA's LSB meeting, Pacifica's Interim Executive Director, Summer Reese—the lady who came to town, laughed a lot, and revealed the true nature and urgency of WBAI's debt—told that station's Interim GM, Andrew Phillips, to pack up. As Phillips, a man who has the broadcasting experience Reimers so sorely lacks, put it,  "Summer Reese told me I should be prepared to vacate my office next week."

When last I heard of this lady's activities, she was running around in Brooklyn, looking for a house suitable for WBAI as it's new home. How she was going to buy a building in New York without money, credit, and listeners is a mystery. So, to me, is the fact that she did not tell Berthold Reimers to vacate his office (the temporary one). These people live in a dream world, but I think their house of cards is coming down, and they can only blame themselves—but, of course, they won't.


  1. Reimers possesses important qualifications (for Pacifica) that Phillips lacks. Reimers is black, has trouble with English, and has no experience running a radio station. And he is stupid—like the majority of WBAI’s current producers and the new WBAI audience—people who enjoy Michael Haskins’ station IDs in Chechean, or his tedious ruminations about his family; people who like Esther and Ifé; people who take Kathy Davis and Geoff Brady seriously.
    Davis actually once interviewed someone who claimed to suffer from stigmata. Davis expressed admiration for his spirituality.

    Ahh, the new WBAI.

    Chris, please don’t exert yourself too much trying to understand WBAI. You could get a serious headache.


    1. Thanks, TPM.

      It is, indeed, a thorough dummying down—from top to bottom. Kathy Davis may well be my favorite—how else would I know that there are homeless angels who endorse same-sex marriage. Even the Reader's Digest didn't give us that kind of insider info.