Friday, November 24, 2017

Credico anger update

The following quotes were posted by Randy Credico Today, Friday,  November 22, 2017. They speak for themselves, so I will not elaborate, but I wonder if the predictions are of the puffed Null variety.

I didn't have to wonder long. The Saturday sun rose this morning and lit up a Null-like U-turn. 

After a good night's sleep and much rumination I've decided to walk away from the whole thing.. time to put my energy somewhere else... it's not worth it so j wish the best of luck for all involved... there are bigger battles out there..i will not be discussing WBAI on NY1.. I had a great 18 months run at the station and 34 yr connection. —Randy Credico

It was only yesterday that we heard from Mr. Credico the following:

Reimers and Bates will probably be indicted before they are replaced

Berthold is under investigation by nycha for using his state and city subsidized home for Airbnb... he is a con man and we all know it and so is the con man that he hired Tony Bates to circumvent the LSB... I will not be quiet I will continue on a daily basis because I have a lot more on these two clowns

I have a dozen people who have complained that after 6 months they have yet to receive their premiums... we're told salary is more important and sending out premiums that's all he cares about

The opposition to Berthold and Tony Bates is burgeoning I have yet to meet one person that works there that likes either one of them... I will be discussing this on Monday or Tuesday on inside City Hall about the endemic Corruption of the these two clowns who think that they own the station and when they're out of there they won't be able to get a job managing a hot dog stand ...I mean would you hire them?   —Randy Credico


  1. First, where was this posted?

    "Reimers and Bates will probably be indicted before they are replaced" Probably neither.

    What does Reimers and his possible Airbnb situation have to do with WBAI? Nothing. Is this sort of "He spit in the street" accusation the best he can do? Sad, if it is.

    "I have a dozen people who have complained that after 6 months they have yet to receive their premiums." Really? I never would have guessed. Obviously, he doesn't stay on top of things or he'd know there has been an endemic premiums deliver problem for years.

    Sadly, many at the station like Reimers and Bates because these two asshats allow the morons at the station to put on their bigoted and spaced out hocus pocus programs.

    Let me tell you what Credico reminds me of. After the '77 WBAI shutdown there were several listeners who, for years and regardless of host or topic at hand, would call into the station and complain and hurl accusations all around. Some accusations were legit, but many were pointless and petty. Credico is truly an ass and a half at this point. All he's shown me is how little he knows about WBAI and what's going on.


    1. Posted to the Pacificaradiowavwes listserv with a slew of cc's.

      The Airbnb is probably not directly related to the present crisis, but there is that question of accountability—some money was probably spent on non-WBAI bills and I bet Randy dug up the court documents that show Berthold being sued and having to pay several thousand dollars during some months of his holding the GM position at WBAI. That's just my guess.

    2. Only relevant if WBAI or Pacifica money is involved.


  2. What is Randy's major malfunction? He's gone off the deep end. Did his buddy in London stop returning his calls? Is he not getting his cut from zapper sales? Did his WBAI consultant check bounce? Clearly the studio could not contain these gigantic egos. The damage has been severe. Cleaning up those double helix water and brain stuff spills is a real pain but we shall persevere. Meanwhile back at the PNB, work continues on the bankruptcy filing and not on the audit. The IED will get right back to you Randy as soon as he figures out what to do with this pesky judgement.

  3. Now that I think of it, does Credico attack any other WBAItes besides Reimers and Bates? Has he mentioned Katz, Davis, Null, etc?


  4. (JustAListener)
    He's Credico but not credible.
    I'm just a listener, I've never been to the station, I don't know anyone who works there.
    But I've known for years about the harassment allegations against Bates (remember when he was sent off to DC?) and of course the unsent premiums.
    And Reimers covering up for the ESB mess and the Verizon situations and the unpaid rent and causing the audits to be late by not following required accounting procedures, and the shady consultants and his many broken promises to meet with the various station boards, and his rehiring an accused sexual harasser - an outrage on it's own that puts the station in legal jeopardy....

    Credico surely knew these things when he stood with Reimers and Bates at the attempted presser and sat in the next room doing his show.
    This truly is a Null style hissy fit... unless his trying out a new comedy bit!

    1. JAL, your post hitts that nail on the head, repeatedly.

    2. "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" (Captain Renault, in "Casablanca").

    3. He huffed...
      he puffed...

      and he bluffed.

  5. Did NY1 cancel? Did 'they' get to him? Did he turn his back on his friend in London and start singing to the Mueller witch uh investigators? Am I just making stuff up until we hear from the PNB about which station they're going to throw under the bus?

  6. I'll bet NY1 didn't want to be the cause of an attack on another media outlet in NYC, even if a pipsqueak of a station. In fact, I'll bet none of his "big time" friends cared to attack a media outlet in NYC that few even know exists.

    What were my exact words in the previous thread on this matter?

    "In the end, Credico is a loudmouthed loser who is meaningless in any way, even to the local left wing. He won't be of any bother to WBAI, and should be forgotten shortly after we have a few laughs ridiculing his dumb ass."

    Credico really made a bigger ass of himself than even I expected.


    1. He made Cerene happy—she advised him to change his mind. Linda Perry also thought he made the right decision by giving in to Bates and Reimers, although she didn't have the guts to be adamant.

      This is a sorry group of losers—they deserve each other.

      As for NY1, the guy over there who came to and halfways reported on Credico's make-believe press conference is a former WBAI person.

      Did anybody hear Reimers pop on the air at 8 this morning to launch a search for David Rothenberg's replacement. Why did he wait until David had been gone a week? Why was it not Bates who made that plea?

      Why is anybody bothering at this point?

    2. Where did you see or hear Cerene's and Perry's comments?

      Yeah, I heard Reimers. I don't believe it's for real. I'll bet they already have someone chosen for the spot. This star search will simply act as justification for putting someone pre-chosen on the air.

      I noticed the WBAI website dropped the window to donate to drop pledge days. I guess that idea sailed smoothly like the Titanic.


    3. Cerene and Perry posted to the PacificaRadioWaves list.

  7. Looking forward to the end of WBAI - bring the popcorn!

    1. Hold the Popcorn!

      It can take a year or so to sort out bankruptcy. There are assets to cover the debts owed to all parties. Attorneys will circle around and the billable hours will rise at the expense of the few remaining listeners who believe that listener-sponsored, non-commercial radio is a noble cause to be supported.

    2. With respect: Assets would be sufficient to satisfy all debts in the event of their electing liquidation and the cessation of operations or Ch7 liquidation. They’re dreaming, amongst their other fever dreams, however, of Ch11 reorganization as one path to Progressive Leftist Salvation.

      That requires management – on their part, since a court trustee doesn’t manage the process but, rather, oversees it, with principal responsibility not to Pacifica but to satisfy creditors and will, if necessary, advise the court to move Ch11 to Ch7 if that’s what it will take to satisfy creditors.

      In any case, they must first clear the hurdle of satisfying the court they have a clear credibly plan to satisfy creditors and survive financially – without, I’ll repeat, please forgive me – that plan including any ‘projected’ increase in donations (unless backed by signed agreements/contracts).

      Given Pacifica’s planning abilities to date, not to mention their track record as to actual execution of ‘plans’ and ‘planning’, there’s clearly a nontrivial possibility they’ll fail.

      The same apples to their fever dreams of managing without court protection, but that’s another whole kettle of (rotten) fish.

      So, then, with respect, in some ways the fact that their assets’ book value exceeds their present estimated $8m-and-rapidly-ever-mounting debts may well prove effectively moot.

      Only time will tell, of course.

      They believe in Struggle, right?

      Well, they’re screamingly ineffective at it, aren’t they?

      So there’s still hope BAI’s signal goes dark quite a bit before The Revolution arrives.

      Just my take…

      ~ ‘indigopirate’

    3. indigopirate, appreciate your insights. If for some fluke they opt for ch7, would love to see the creditor meeting and the case trustee grilling Pacifica, a la St. Lawrence.

    4. Glad you found my rambling thoughts of some use :)

      What's the St Lawrence to which you refer? A precedent of some sort?

      Thanks in advance,

      ~ 'indigopirate'

    5. He was a Christian Martyr, patron saints of cooks, chefs, and comedians. Didn't have a copy of "The Lives of Saints" handy, Wikipedia's description is close enough.

      A famous legend has persisted from ancient times. As deacon in Rome, St Lawrence was responsible for the material goods of the Church and the distribution of alms to the poor.[8] St Ambrose of Milan relates that when the treasures of the Church were demanded of St Lawrence by the Prefect of Rome, he brought forward the poor, to whom he had distributed the treasure as alms.[9] "Behold in these poor persons the treasures which I promised to show you; to which I will add pearls and precious stones, those widows and consecrated virgins, which are the Church's crown."[5] The Prefect was so angry that he had a great gridiron prepared with hot coals beneath it, and had Lawrence placed on it, hence St Lawrence's association with the gridiron. After the martyr had suffered pain for a long time, the legend concludes, he cheerfully declared: "I'm well done. Turn me over!"[8][10] From this derives his patronage of cooks, chefs, and comedians.