Friday, March 3, 2017

The PBS treadmill...

The first order of business was to vote on the agenda. They sort of got to it two hours later and introduced a motion to adjourn. That vote was made in the blink of an eye, so they shut off their phones and ended the meeting without accomplishing anything.

They will never accomplish anything unless they find a way to mute these disrupters who, obviously, do not have Pacifica's welfare in mind.

The audio clip is missing the first few of minutes and I know you won't spend a couple of hours listening to this unproductive chaos, but do some spot checking—you might miss a hysterical moment or two, but you will get the gist.

KPFA had a very good day Thursday, but that does not make a bit of difference to the wrongful agenda-driven Cerene mob.

I leave you with a revealing quote from one of the Board members who tried for two hours to get a question answered:

"I vote for whatever makes the Chair like me."

The Thursday night PBS free-for-all. 


  1. There are at this point positive signs with respect to finance and to management.

    Whether they pan out is as yet unclear.

    There remain however very real questions as to any merit to a loose consortium of constitutionally embittered and rancorous amateur politicians demonstrably incapable of any actual accomplishment or influence of any sort, anywhere, on this small spinning planet.

    Will they save themselves? Will they save the world?

    Stay tuned…

    – nor not, as you will :)

    ~ ‘indigo, pirate’

  2. Its just amazing Chris. They know exactly what to expect and yet they're still woefully unprepared. You just can't enter a meeting with the Siegel/Brazon crowd and not be ready. I actually felt bad for that parliamentarian they brought in. I bet money he won't be back. He barely gets a word out before he is interrupted. I like how the lady is able to tell the parliamentarian is white over the phone and doesn't like it. That doesn't sound very progressive. Of course, that doesn't stop them from wanting to talk to him directly all night as if he had all the answers. I also like how Mr. Bogus Affiliate Director who made that quote by his own admission actually spoke more than he ever has only to accuse the chair of being racist because he wouldn't answer his question for the fourth time. Pretty gutsy move for a guy who shouldn't be there in the first place. The disrupter of the night award goes to Benito Diaz who is clearly the smartest 'culturally deprived' person I've ever heard. Not many people can take five minutes to ask a question and then repeat it again and again and again and again. It takes 'skill' not to mention lack of decency. This nonsense can't continue Chris. They need to grow up and try to find a way to work together.

    1. You actually listened to this mess—for that, you deserve the Pacifica Tolerance Award. Equally impressive is your spot on summation and analysis.

      I agree totally. Unless its too late—as it well might be—there has to be a way to disinfect and resurrect.

  3. How dumb is the Pacifica PNB? I'll tell you how dumb. They have this great monthly scream fest of a satirical comedy show and don't even have the brains to promote and monetize it and make money. They could well make a youtube account and have advertising to bring in funds with these shindigs, as comedy fans would LOVE to hear these clowns. However, the bozos have this potential goldmine and do nothing with it.

    These PNB outings are like Dr Strangelove and everybody arguing as the world is about to go KABOOM!