Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where is my thank you gift?

Theft at WBAI? I thought that group had been rehabilitated!


  1. Does that include Don Rojas and Dred Scott Keyes?

    1. The line goes back to Steve Post and, from what we hear, includes a big guy named White.

      Of course, years of drawing a salary while hibernating is theft, too.

  2. I wonder what kind of thievery is taking place. Are WBAI people raiding the cafe?


    1. Ask yourself what became of the station's equipment, which remained dry during Hurricane Sandy. If it wasn't disappeared, it must be costing the listeners storage fees.

      Like everything else his $110,000,00-a-year job calls for, Reimers continues to demonstrate that the old pins-in-doll approach doesn't work, either.

    2. did that mean "opps",as in big mstakes are being made ?


    3. referred to Bates' words "Ops staff will be able to have access...". .
      "OPPS was a word play ...abtruse ? sorry to be unfunny to ya here .
      creative types have uncommon thinking and grin to time will do that.

  3. Exclusively Dred - old premiums, tapes and the U.S. Mail(fellow producers mail) can be found at Dred's house-go knock on his door.

  4. The far, far greater theft, in moral terms, is the fact that a very valuable asset, the frequency, donated so generously so long ago by Louis Schweitzer, was long ago reduced to de facto personal property for a group of delusional, dysfunctional, self-proclaimed ‘advocates’, ‘progressives’, and minor self-aggrandizing scum-level hustlers.

    The greater theft, by far, is the theft of purpose of the original foundational principles as outlined by Lew Hill, to which purpose Louis Schweitzer donated a valuable asset – both morally and financially.

    The asset was of sufficient value that its waste and its plundering have consumed decades.

    ~ ‘indigopirate’

    1. No question about it, the obliteration of Lew Hill's concept and the spirit it generated are of immeasurable value, so I feel that you are absolutely right. When the spirit died at WBAI, the programming began to deteriorate and talentless opportunists ere attracted. There was no color barrier to filter out one group or the other, so co-existence prolonged total deterioration. I think that had much to do with the snail-paced road to oblivion.

      The introduction of "democratic" governance was also a major factor.

      The long and short of it is that WBAI and, indeed, Pacifica is operated by crooks.

      Bill Crosier is a ray of hope, but I'm afraid he comes to the head of the table a few years late.

      Not telling you anything you don't already know.

  5. Chris,

    Several years ago, according to Big, Big Jim Dingeman, an individual with keys to the building would go to the basement of 388 Atlantic. Why? To set traps for mice? No to tamper with the elevator.

    This could be life threatening. So I wrote to the Building Department. And who should excoriate me? Mitchel Cohen I hope no relation to Donald Trump's attorney.)

    Cohen said that I had cost Melissa thousands of dollars. Of course, Cohen never produced a bill. But Mitchel Cohen would rather have someone suffer an injury than pay an elevator repairman.

    Currently, a member of the WBAI Local Station Board has an arrest record for arson- but the charge was dismissed. Perhaps he has knowledge of electrical systems.

    But thankfully, the door to the basement is currently locked and the elevator is probably safe.

    The elevator was so unsafe that programmers would announce whether or not the elevator was operating.

    Ed Manfredonia