Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bill Campisi remarks re Adriane and Cerene

Apropos personnel changes, here is a brief excerpt of Bill Campisi's remarks from the February 25th KPFA's LSB meeting, as referred to in Jim's comment. It is Bill Campisi addressing the unseating of perennial unfavorites Adriana Casenave and Cerene Roberts.

Bill Campisi at KPFA LSB.


  1. NYPD is investigating pay-to-play dealings @ WBAI. More to come...

  2. My anti-virus program is telling me that the url for the audio is a harmful site. I never had that happen with any audio you've posted before.


  3. so glad black history month is now behind us , now we don't have to hear that black nationalist crap nonstop anymore. haha