Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reimers' litter of lies...

Here, courtesy of a concerned blog visitor, are two brief documents relating to the ESB case:

Stipulation Extending Defendant's Time to Answer

Notice of Appearance


  1. They can stall for a bit, of course, but the fact appears to be that to date their claims of negotiations for reduced rent or other consideration have proven, as suspected, to be specious.

    The debt would appear to be valid, they appear to own real property in Berkeley, they own a potentially valuable collection of historic tapes, both physically and with respect to copyright, there’s a shiny new transmitter in Houston, and their directors and officers appear to have no insurance to protect them from individual personal liability.

    All in all, it may prove entertaining.

    ~ ‘indigopirate’

    1. What it lacks in talent, this show makes up for in imagination and delusion. If you had the pick of the litter, what would it be. in terms of a death knell?

    2. I'd probably vote for Fass to be the last voice ever heard on WBAI.

      For all the all-too-obvious reasons.

      ~ 'indigo'

    3. This week's general PNB phone conference would dot the "i" for me.

  2. I vote for Mimi to be the fat lady singing as the last voice on WBAI.

    Pacifica let Reimers do what he wanted, now the chickens come home to roost. Dummies.


    1. Deluded dummies. How about Kathy/Mimi, an integrated (black and wannabe black) duo of generous tonnage singing "Cara Mumia"? That might be my alternate choice.

  3. And here's even more entertainment ...

    Online documents show that Pacifica's lawyers are claiming that no back rent is due, citing the "equitable doctrine of laches." That means simply that since a lower monthly payment has been accepted in the past, that that rate is acceptable regardless of the contract. That's my reading, but I ain't no lawyer.

    Furthermore, that level of payment should be acceptable in the future.

    Here's a link to the document referred to --

    I know the question of accumulated back rent has been raised more than once by more than one person. Perhaps the courts have an answer. I just wonder who has the best lawyers?


    1. When Berthold Reimers finally had to address the ESB rent situation, he could no longer hide the accumulating rent arrears. I don't believe there is any doubt about that growing amount—there is, however, serious doubt as to whether it ($1000,000 +) will ever be paid without liquidation.

      WBAI is doomed, but it's good news, if anything, because it has been insignificant for many years.