Monday, September 26, 2016

Response to complaint re local election


The following advisory is being issued in response to a Fair Campaign Provisions violation complaint made by Stephen Brown on September 17, 2016 via email.  Please note that in the original correspondence Mr. Brown made regarding this complaint.  The Local Election Supervisor’s email address for WBAI was misspelled.  Thus, this complaint was not received by the LES until September 21, 2016.  

Regarding the allegation that a WBAI voter membership list generated from the “Memsys” database is being used to raise funds by LSB candidates and that electioneering may possibly be happening either intentionally or indirectly as a result of that activity-
  1. There was no specific instance cited of voters being influenced by the alleged activity.
  2. The only member of the LSB member, Chair John Brinkley, to have access to this list mentioned in the complaint has signed a non-disclosure agreement and has thus far not even been accused of violating that agreement.
  3. No candidate mentioned in the complaint has been known to have access to the list in question.

-the Local Election Supervisor for WBAI 2016 considers this complaint unfounded.

Thank you.
Kihani Brea
Local Election Supervisor 2016

And here is a response from Tracy Rosenberg:
Hello Kihani,
Did you review the audio sent to you of candidate Sharonne Salaam stating that she had access to the list during a candidate debate?
I will send you the clip again to make sure you have it, as soon as I get back to a desktop computer. 
Your point c is disproven by the audio clip.

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  1. Here is the sound clip mentioned above in the response that Chris posted.