Wednesday, March 16, 2016

King Kong meeting coming up...

The Ides of March...

Sam Agarwal, Pacifica’s Chief Financial Officer, made the following points re WBAI at the meeting of 15 March:

The Empire State Building has called for a meeting, and has not presented an agenda.

Tony Norman and Sam Agarwal will be in New York the week of 21 March for that purpose, amongst others.

There is no possibility of WBAI paying for its own operations or central services.

Sale, liquidation, or a local marketing agreement – the time is probably already past, even for those options.

‘The sooner we can act, the better it would be, for everybody…’

~ ‘indigo pirate


  1. No hope for Pacifica - Pacifica and WBAI is dead - time to prepare the funeral. Why does R. Paul Martin talks about "hope" for Pacifica? He means "hope" for his show, which stinks. Why is R. Paul still there? He is a management stooge!!

    1. R. Paul Martin is still at WBAI because if he left, Pickles of the North would leave him for Nanook of the North.


    2. He is still the Treasurer until the LSB meets again. This committee includes the local treasurers from all the stations. Cerene is the only WBAI director on the board because her term goes to the end of the year which is strange since she was elected in 2012. I've listened to several committee meetings and she is on every call.
      Its amazing how Agarwal can't get answers to basic questions like who is on the station account. He's dealing with two audits for CPB funding to help these stations and they can't even return his calls? Hey Reimers, you better hide the unsent premiums in the back while Agarwal is in town.