Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beyond the ruins of WBAI...

It's always good to know what's going on across the street. If you cross at the green, don't be surprised if you run into some of WBAI's former faithful, people whose independent thought set them free to roam the ether. Here is a link to Matthew Caron's article about WFMU and the new documentary film it inspired. The trailer below is a good one. Note the segment that shows enthusiastic listeners taking fund raising calls—it captures a spirit that reigned at WBAI many moons ago, long before it was occupied by vandals who see their selfies as works of art.

"Sex and Broadcasting" is playing at IFC Center today, November 15, and on the 17th and 20th. It is a part of the documentary series, DOC-NYC.


  1. WFMU has a transmitter of 1,250 Watts with the transmitter in Jersey City and WBAI has a transmitter 50,000 with transmitter located on the roof of the ESB. Hire their Station Manager and Program Director. Give 'em anything they want.

  2. The joke is how WFMU is in the college band (ex college station, after all) with lower power and more marginalized than WBAI, but it has many more listeners both on radio and internet (especiially). It can also have thousands of people from around the world(!) come to its annual record fair. WBAI is lucky to get 200 people to go to any event it offers, and needs to request child labor.

    WFMU offers ecclectic, independent and underground music the mainstream wouldn't touch, while WBAI primarily offers mainly corporate retard crap like disco, rap, hip hop.

    WBAI should make WFMU look like nothing. However, WFMU makes WBAI its little bitch.

    Now that I think of it, what station did Bob Fass make his radio return to in the early 1980s? No, not WBAI but WFMU initially.

    FYI: Fass' debut show on WFMU was the first time I had ever heard an actual live show of his. I knew then that all the good things I had heard about him had burned out already. I also learned Abbie Hoffman was an obnoxious self-absorbed asshole...


  3. @anon1 & @SDL:


    ~ 'indigo'

  4. I would love to do a show ay WFMU. However no room at the inn.

    1. @Sidney: For the last time, why don't you broadcast your own show on the internet? It doesn't cost much. $200-$300 worth of equipment at Radio Shack or B&H and a small monthly charge. Spreaker, iHeart are 2 companies I know off the top of my head and they can walk you through. You can ask for contributions from listeners to offset the cost..