Monday, February 17, 2014

This week's horror show menu... Feb. 17 - 23

Here is what  Reimers has in store for WBAI's listeners for week one of the reborn fundraising marathon. It was attached to a staff memo, then scrubbed (presumably in the spirit of secrecy). I imagine that the dollar amounts represent the individual goals, but the significance of showing some in red eludes me. Be warned that Christine Blosdale is back, having once again been flown in from the Coast, and Gary Null is also back, his "differences" with management apparently having been resolved. All very predictable, tentative, and suicidal for WBAI.

A quick tally tells me that the week's goal is $135,500 of which 24,000 is listed in morning show black. Quite a jump from the $29,000 or so that Hennelly (according to Mitchel Cohen). raised last week. Let's... see, if they reach this goal, they will just a little more than they owe in severance pay, and let us not forget that pledges and receipts are two different things, just as these figures do not reflect the cost of buying/manufacturing the "gifts" nor mailing them out. Did I say, mailing? That part of the marketing operation does not seem important to management, but you can bet they'll get Gary Null's stuff out!

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