Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Not the golden egg...

Egg image courtesy of thanunkorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If that is so, they must be dusting Blosdale off for reruns, bottling more miracle tap water, and filling small glassine envelopes with a special mixture that cures poverty and 

the common cold. Perhaps they have also called "Dr." Scott and asked her to come up with a new feel-good nut.

When will these Dodos wake up and seek professional help? This is as tragic as it once was avoidable. If they make public the daily tally, I will post it here.

No exact figures yet, but as Jim Dingeman reports it:

DAY 1- approximately 2 plus 
DAY 2- more or less the same with a Union donation of I think $500 
DAY 3- about 1,400 with a several thousand dollar union donation.

The numbers are about 1/10th of what is to be expected. — Jim Dingeman

This link will take you to the actual figures. —Chris


  1. I feel sorry for Hennelly and for the people that try to make it work within the parameters laid out for them by Pacifica. Berthold Reiemer's strategy to squeeze the listeners for as much as possible and hope that BAI will get pushed out of the red and back on solid footing is predictably unsuccessful as it is unimaginative. I think that Pacifica is avoiding NPR style underwriting and professional development of its stations so as to avoid regulation and accountability that would screw up its marketing model and would disallow fringe reporting.

    1. I eventually felt sorry for Andrew Phillips, but I can't muster up any sympathy for Hennelly, because I have been convinced almost from the start that he was elbowing his way into position. Nothing he has done since I got that feeling gives me pause.

      Berthold Reimers is not someone I can take seriously, except as a threat to the station—if you look at his resumé in Linkedin, you can see how out of touch with reality he is. The hiring of both Reimers and Hennelly can be blamed on Pacifica, I don't know if you follow the exchanges on Nalini's Pacifica Radiowaves list, but these people are at each other's throats—the dysfunction and clawing is not limited to WBAI.

      Viewing the situation as a whole, I know it is just a matter of time before it all collapses—the questions are when and how.

  2. If Hennelly knows anything at all about labor history and politics, and he has any shred of integrity, what is he doing in his position?

    Chris, I agree with you. Aside from those who were laid off, and the producer/hosts who are still doing worthwhile programs, Philips is about the only one at BAI/Pacifica for whom I can feel sorry. Although I would like to see BAI right their ship (something that seems less and less likely), I can't help but to think that he has been vindicated: The station's listenability has definitely dropped off since he left. The level of technical competence is, frankly, embarrassing at times, and it's hard not to feel that the powers-that-be are just itching to get the quacks and cranks on the air for as many hours as possible.