Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's see...there's Titanic, Katrina, Archduke Ferdinand....

If the station survives, this could be the start of a new fundraising angle: Why not have other disasters generate money for the perpetual one at WBAI? The Hindenburg burst into flames on May 6, 1937. A high percentage of WBAI's listeners (perhaps as many as 28) live in New Jersey, some may even live in the Lakehurst area. Woe, this could be better than his BAI Buddy idea......  Now, if comeone can come up with a good conspiracy theory... 

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  1. Actually, as a sort of historical footnote, though there are to this day competing theories as to the cause of LZ-129 Hindenburg’s fiery end, conspiracy is far more worthy of consideration in the case of the Hindenburg than are the various delusional lunacies put forth for the World Trade Center – Hugo Eckener, head of the Zeppelin Company, and captain of the world-spanning Graf Zeppelin, was a fierce, highly vocal, and highly visible opponent of the Nazis:

    ~ Indigo Pirate