Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The mother of invention?

The following was originally written by me in response to a post in the BlueBoard forum, but the moderator has set up an awkward block by which any mention of a banned poster automatically subjects one's post to pre-approval. The rationale is that banned people cannot post in their own defense. Well, whatever they did to be barred from the forum ought to have earned them that handicap. Anyway, I think that system of censorship in the name of justice needs to be re-thought.

To get around it, and because I really want to respond to "T Wacker", I have posted as my response a link to this post. Having to go this circuitous route is a nuisance, but I'm afraid WBAI fosters that kind of nonsense these days.

Here, then—followed by my reply—is "T Wacker's" post re my questioning Cerene Roberts' having to attend a LSB candidates broadcast via Skype, because she is barred from entering WBAI's premises.

Have you read the comic strip Nancy? Her pal Sluggo and Cerene are twins.
By:T Wacker (
Date: Wednesday, 28 November 2012, at 6:30 am
In Response To: Be frank, but don't be Frank...Know what I mean? (Chris Albertson)
And not just by image but by actions.
When I first walked int WBAI a few dozen years ago, I was told there was one rule - NO VIOLENCE! Violation was supposed to incur a lifetime ban from the station (although I can recall several instances where new management lifted bans for political reasons). Clayton Riley was let back in because he was an enforcer who enjoyed intimidating people. Metzger only bounced Simon's head into the wall - not sure he was even punished, but it left an indentation in the wall!

Then dear sweet Cerene smacked board member Andrea Fishman upside the head. She had previously pulled other passive-aggressive shit, like kicking Carolyn Birden's purse and claiming she was hit by it, and hitting people up for their lunch money - just lookin' for that case quarter! Once stole Howard Stern's pants, I hear.

But smacking a board member was the last straw. Good F'ing riddance to a major piece of excrement. Sadly the dumb-ass bylaws have been interpreted to allow a fired ex-PD to run for office, even while he's suing the station, no less, and also interpreted to say that any anus who pays the $25 by the deadline is allowed to run, even if they are banned from the station. Welcome to democratic Pacifica.

My not-ready-for-BB-posting response:

What you tell me, if true, certainly is food for thought. When I question the veracity, it is more or less pro forma and only because today's WBAI is so riddled (infested) with personal agendas, innuendos, and animosity that few things can be taken at face value. I appreciate that you at least responded to my question rather than going the idiotic LeFever route with it.

Yes, I am inclined to believe that there is fire behind your smoke, but look at all the deadweight, unprincipled, unscrupulous chronic liars who get pet treatment from the front office or, indeed, are a part of that office.

As long as people like Kathy Davis, Robert Knight and Reimers are paid a salary, allowed to roam freely, insult/defraud the listener-sponsors, and violate the station's alleged principles, any derogatory assessments of Ms. Roberts, Bernard White, Clayton Riley, et al—true or not—will have hollow rings

I could respect your views and assertions if you delivered them in the open (i.e. not from behind a handle) and had not allowed yourself to be a seamless part of the station's wallpaper for a few dozen years. Anyone who stays in that unhealthy, venomous environment without protest becomes a part of the problem. 

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  1. Many thanks for your feedback; it is much appreciated. My readers back in July, when the WBAI post was published, weren't WBAI folks, just friends. But since I sent Mitchel Cohen an e-mail mentioning my post, suddenly the number of views has soared. There are a lot of WBAI people -- often with mixed feelings -- out there. Yes, it's a station we love to love, and hate to hate. Cliff Browder