Saturday, November 24, 2012

And the truth is...

Cerene Roberts has been an active participant in WBAI's confusing, destructive system of governance for many years. If you have ever attended any of the board meetings—in person or via a YouTube video post—you know how frustrating that must be. It is no wonder that the station is in such a mess, for these assemblies are battlefield where egos clash and reason gets buried. This is a far cry from the civilized board meetings I used to attend once a month.

At WBAI, there is an unfortunate tendency to blame the failures of management on someone or something else, and—not to break with tradition— the current mismanagement team was quick to place the blame for the most recent fundraising disaster on a storm. Yes, "Sandy did it," they said. Cerene Roberts isn't buying it, nor—I imagine—is anyone else with a brain. Lately, with the LSB election pending, I have read much about Ms. Roberts, who is being attacked by all the right people. That is to say, that she can regard the insults and accusations against her as compliments. The following is a piece written by Cerene Roberts regarding the ludicrous on-the-air talking point that yet another fundraising ordeal is coming and Sandy is to blame! I don't know where this text first appeared, but it was reposted on the BlueBoard by Nalini and it makes a whole lot of sense. Berthold Reimers and sycophants like Davis, Haskins, LeFever and Knight will not like it, but I think it's right on the money—as it were.

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  1. When I posted this,about 3 1/2 years ago, I knew little or nothing about Cerene Roberts, I later found out that she is a scheming, chronic obstructionist whose activities are based upon obsessive ideology and self interests. One of her by now transparent m.o.s is to veil a flop with a flip.

    She is still at it, but most of us are on to her game.

    I could easily delete my naïve post, but I have chosen to let it stay as a reminder that everything is not necessarily as it seems.