Friday, December 2, 2011

Today I heard Corinne Furnari and Tony Bates lay it on thick in their ongoing, shameless efforts to deceive WBAI listeners. You don't have to know anything about either of these two characters to detect the sleaze in which they wrap their pitches.

Furnari, of course, was the idiot who gave Kevin Trudeau—a certified, convicted scam artist a long interview last year (or was it this year?)—birds of a feather... Trudeau has been imprisoned and convicted of larceny and credit card fraud, among other crimes, and fined millions of dollars for making fraudulent claims. My worry is always that WBAI might lose its license or be fined out of business for the fraudulent claims routinely made by Bates, Furnari and others during the infomercials that are passed off as fund raisers for the station. Trudeau, who has spent time in prison.

I doubt if Bates or Furnari will bring Trudeau back, having learned something from the hue and cry his last appearance generated—but they continue their barefaced deception as they milk the listeners to pay for mismanagement. It is regrettable that Reimers (who obviously approves of this), Bates, and the rest of WBAI's morally bankrupt crew have not been stopped by Engelhardt or 

the Pacifica Board. Add to that the sad truth that only a small number of people who are connected with WBAI have spoken up against it and you get a gloomy outlook for the station's future.


  1. Please tell us more about this fraud, Furnari. I know people who are getting fleeced by her and it's just a darn shame. I just hope they don't have their health negatively affected by her nonsense.

  2. Why is corrine furnari a fraud?

  3. She's advocating the Atkins diet. The MD who had cardiomyopathy and dropped dead on the sidewalk

  4. Corrine Furnari is an intelligent, intuitive & genuine healer with much hard work & study to back herself up! Why are you attacking her is it your ignorance? She is awesome!

    1. I think I first became aware of Furnari during another fundraiser, when she called Kevin Trudeau in Europe and spoke to him for an hour, live on WBAI's air. At that time, it was already known that he was charged with larceny, credit card fraud, etc. That she would take him seriously and subject WBAI;s listeners to such a scam artist told me something about her. Not very intelligent nor intuitive, I would say. So, it is not my ignorance as much as it is my awareness that makes me think she might not be good for the station. Of course, when it comes to being a misfit, the list is long. On the other hand, given what they have done to WBAI, what once was a misfit may well be a perfect fit now.

  5. I don't know about Corinne Furnari, but there are other invaluable programs on WBAI that I listen to and learn from. For instance a program Talk Back about Elder Care and Medicare/Medicaid. The Native American show with Tiokasin Ghosthorse is wonderful...where else would you have access to this type of show. The environmental shows on cellphone radiation, the new Greenhouses for the elderly....I can go on and on. WBAI is priceless even with the infighting that's going on now. Too bad there's not the will for the different forces to work together to remedy the situation.