Sunday, December 18, 2011

1130 in New York mentions 99.5

When I left WNEW to join the WBAI staff as an announcer, the station's popular morning duo, Klavan and Finch, made what was probably the only mention of WBAI on WNEW. Part of their show was an ongoing routine in which Gene Klavan (who replaced Gene Rayburn as Finch's partner) played various characters based on staff members. He gave me a Swedish accent, as you will hear on this aircheck fragment from December 28, 1963. Notice the Coca Cola prices. It's hard for me to imagine that this was close to fifty years ago. Gene Klavan and Dee Finch are gone now and WNEW is a very different station.


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  1. Hello, Chris Albertson-- I'd like to publish the autographed Klavan and Finch photo and infomation about your time at WNEW on my tribute site: You can contact me by e-mail through the site. Thanks, Edward Brown