Monday, July 10, 2017

Earth Mum's Gypsy

Here's a little aside that illustrates how far off track Berthold's bozos have taken WBAI. Helena Faith Miel, who calls herself "Earth Mum" does odds and ends at the station, including the "Community Bulletin Board" and "Morning Eclectic", a weekly show that appears to be organic, but whose intended nature is a bit blurry. Last week, Micky Vermooch, a British Gypsy psychic, exorcist, master of paranormal palaver, etc., was her phone guest via a transatlantic call. Earth Mum announced that she would be taking calls if anyone wished to speak to him—Maxine did, but is this the sort of thing we should be hearing on WBAI?

Maxine's call.

I'm sure Earth Mom (hate the nickname) is a nice, well-meaning lady, but this sort of thing (remember "Mr. Z"?) is as bogus as anything Tony Bates will throw at you.


  1. No, this junk doesn't belong on WBAI, but we've gone through this all before. Unfortunately, The Remnants will rush to buy premiums full of new age hogwash.

    As for the psychic, it's the usual psychic cold reading stuff - speak in generalities and not specifics.


    1. The caller wasn't even buying his generalities.

    2. Yeah, seemed that the caller wasn't, but also seemed a little "out of it." Maybe a Zapper and some organite is more her cup of tea.

      Any good psychic should do the cold reading live and not on a phone. The reason is so they can watch your eyes and see what seems to register, and follow up on that.

      I had a friend once who did that shit. She told me the best thing was to be in a crowd and talk about how someone's aunt had died of cancer. Well, get ten people together and you are guaranteed someone's aunt died of cancer. Then start trying to say a name, "Her name was Ja... Je..." The potential victim will blurt out the name for you, "Oh, it was my aunt Alice..." "Yes, Alice. She wants you to know she's doing very well and wants to help you with any problems you may have in life." And so on.

      Oh, and if doing tarot cards, never call the death card by its name. Call it the transformation card, as the word death tends to scare people.

      Maybe WBAI should have an official psychic? That way, Reimers could put another buddy on payroll.


    3. WBAI Official Psychic Duties:
      Determine budget projections using tarot cards and tea leaves
      Sense the presence of those likely to complain so the GM can go into hiding
      Recommend use of zappers, orgonite and related tools as needed.
      Analyze the psychic aura of staff for possible conflicts of interest

    4. If there were a thumbs up option, like on twitter, I'd give you one.


  2. Chris,

    Berthold Reimers was not the only individual, who covered up the arrears in the ESB rent and the false accounting. Frank LeFever, Carolyn Birden, teinberg, Steve Brown, R Paul Martin, and many others assisted in this cover up. And it includes Noel Jameson, whose taunting tone necessitated a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    R Paul Marrtin was such a pathological liar that he stated that the rent and the ESB contract were privileged information.

    Every one of these mental midgets believes that he is a genius.

    Ed Manfredonia

  3. R. Paul Martin is a fraud, full stop. He is a management stooge, always has been. He is a self-described dingleberry.