Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pacifica's "freedom of speech"

The so-called "New Pacifica" is nothing if not hypocritical. Here, facts are as flexible as the people who state them. The love-hate relationship Gary Null maintains with WBAI and its management is a case in point. On December 8, he delivered a tirade against the station, the management, and Pacifica itself, painting a picture of himself as poised for a major attack. A top-notch crew of attorneys were in the wings awaiting King Null's cue. He had, or so he claimed, given Pacifica his demands for sweeping changes and a deadline for meeting them. If this drastic makeover was not met by that designated date, Null's legal army would attach within 24 hours.

Here's the December 8 threat.

Notice that Mr. Null did not share his deadline date with us, but when he subsequently staged a fundraising event for WBAI, he told listeners that he was both pleased and surprised to see Berthold Reimers and family in attendance. This indicated that Pacifica must have reacted to his warning, so some of us listened for major changes. So far, two weeks later, WBAI sounds as stale as ever, and there is no word of the Pacifica National Board having done anything but continue its war of the factions.

In other words, there is good reason to believe that Null's strong threat was yet another bluff. Flip Flop lives on as the network Lew Hill built continues to turn into a crumbling voice for black racism.  

On yesterday's program, Null gave out a number for listeners to call in the very likely event that he would be kicked off WBAI's air. You won't hear the number in this sound clip, but here's what he had to say on his December  23 broadcast.


  1. gary null ... the loon at noon . Just when you thought haskins was the worst , they have sunk to an all time low on today's morning show. They have covered all the bases , slavery, white oppression, mumia, mike brown freddy grey etc etc... Very reverand , minister , preacher heavy .
    Interviewing Charles Barron on how to fix racism . Hilarious !

    1. Did you expect to hear a rational discussion? There are genuine grounds for anger, but these small-minded puppets only give us agenda and a convicted killer whose strained pomposity is a very tired act.

      This is the sort of crap that has lost WBAI it's listeners and is razing what is left of it.

      I never thought I would see the day when WBAI's plug is pulled with decent, intelligent drawing a sigh of relief, but that is where we're heading.

  2. A tiny little group called Act Up... Now that's funny! Gary Null, the AIDS comedian...

    I like how he goes from having the most popular show on WABC on Sunday night (one of the least listened to times on radio during the week) to having the most popular show ever. See how he moves from one maybe true claim and quickly builds it into another different nonsense claim?

    WCBS and WINX, a station in Maryland. OK...

    I am convinced Null is just a Nutt.


  3. I have no knowledge to back this up. Is GN greasing someone?


    1. Who knows? I think there is a lot going on under the counter and,hard as I look, I see neither wings nor halos among the principle cast.