Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unsolicited enthusiasm for Uncle Sidney

Uncle Sidney has started his podcasts and I highly recommend that you listen. Each one offers further proof of Berthold Reimers' lunacy in dismissing Sidney Smith, not to mention the cowardly trumped up way in which he did it. Now, as Reimers and his cronies are about to get what they deserve, Sidney brilliantly demonstrates what the last laugh sounds like. This is the sort of intellectual level, wit and insight WBAI should be airing instead of all that racist propaganda from hateful ignoramuses whose inflated egos barely keep them afloat in a puddle of greed and venom.

Lend your ears to Sidney's wonderful podcasts HERE


  1. (JustAListener)
    Catching up on Sidney podcasts as I type this.
    I hope Sidney posts notice here and on the Blue board when he releases new ones.
    (And hope he numbers them to make it easier to keep track of them).
    He's sounding good.
    Though it should be noted his podcasts are Not Safe For Work!
    I wonder how long it will be before we'll be listening to our favorite shows "Live from Uncle Sidney's Apartment" (after
    WBAI passes into memory).
    There's a word that comes to mind... karma.

    1. Were they not such self-serving hypocrites, Reimers and his cronies would not have been able to pull off such an outrageous treatment of a long-time employee.

      I will ask Sidney to notify me of new episodes—I doubt if he knows that I have put up the above post.

  2. Thank you Chris for this kind post. If you don't mind I re-posted it on my Pod-cast page. New episodes coming this week, and yes they're all numbered now. Thanks to you, and all.

    Go here:

    1. You deserve whatever praise I have for your work, Sidney. Keep those podcasts coming, but give priority to your health.