Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb. 12, 2015: CFO's Report to the PNB

Last night, the PNB held an open meeting (via phone hookups) that ran from around 8:40 PM (EST) until midnight. I captured the entire meeting, most of which was the usual stuff, with constant votes for extensions. I love how they will spend 10 minutes to decide if they should extend an agenda item by ten minutes!

Toward the end, there was an interesting report from CFO, Raul Salvador, that includes the latest tallies and goals for currently running fund drives. In all cases, the pledges are behind the projected goals, but the drives have only been on for a few days, so that can improve, although it is not likely to.

Here, extracted from the meeting, is that report:


  1. Spending 10 minutes to decide on 10 minute extensions is an improvement. I remember when it took 20 minutes to decide on 5 minute extensions, with people beeping buttons, turning on radios, dogs barking, etc.

    Same old same old on the financial front.

    It's still amazing Bernard White gets to come back, without, at least, paying that legal bill. Well, if he can get away with it, why not.


    1. If WBAI doesn't let him come back, he proves it's a racist organization. When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. Attaboy Bernie.


    2. Apropos inexplicable returns of the non-monetary kind, yesterday I once again came upon the hysterical Mr. Caldwell hawking a cancer "cure," and heard him address Tony "double helix" Bates, who was in the studio. The first thing that came to mind was.... well, you know. Then I realized how old this misguided pitch is.

      If you listened to Salvador's figures, you know that the constant galloping of these old war horses past remnants of gullible listeners has become even less effective. This was the last resort, we thought, it doesn't get much worse than that (excepting that water), but it has to if WBAI is to be kept afloat.

      What will redundant Reimers try next? Voodoo?

    3. I tuned in for a few minutes of James Irsay today, when he was negatively talking about the premiums on offer. However, he said it better and simpler than anyone else when he stated this seems to be what listeners want. People try to pitch without premiums, but it just doesn't work as well. He then added, "We need the money..." He's right, like it or not.

      The Caldwell one doesn't even sound like a cure; it sounds like an advertisement for a cure you will have to go elsewhere to obtain. Remember imprisoned late night TV infomercial huckster Kevin Trudeau? One of his scam infomercials was for a weight loss book. Turns out that the book was only an advertisement for a weight loss program at a clinic in Germany, which uses steroid shots. This, of course, is illegal in the USA. Well, being an illegal treatment gave him plenty of ammo for saying how it was a secret banned treatment, etc. Same induce the paranoid esoterica crap conspiracists eat up. Whther it's Earl Caldwell, Gary Null, Alex Jones, etc., every listener wants to be the first kid on the block with the hidden knowledge.

      I know you mean it as a joke, but I don't when I say that a how to Voodoo or Santeria premium would be huge on WBAI. If I were Reimers, I'd get one on already. How to use Voodoo or Santeria to attract money, love, health, etc. Come on, Chris, you know that is exactly what the listeners are looking for.

      Ever tune the Spanish cable TV stations during the overnight? They are rife with infomercials for magic amulets (costing hundreds of Dollars, of course) that will bring you these wants and needs.

      But, as I say, conspiracy theories are another form of superstition...


    4. I agree on Irsay--I also heard him say that this morning.

      Yes, the Caldwell pitch is for something called "Healing Cancer from Inside Out," or something like that, I think it is a book of quacky alternatives. Same thing, almost. Trudeau was heard for about an hour on WBAI when one of the quackettes called Europe and interviewed him. She is still there, but that call received many protests.

      I actually attended a voodoo ceremony in the mountains of Haiti when I was there some forty years ago. This was not one of those hotel-sponsored tourist events, it was the real thing and I was the only outsider. Great music, but very scary. I was also taken to a very narrow room off a courtyard, where an old lady lit candles in front of a Catholic image, spat rhum on the stone floor, mumbled a bit, flipped a few cards and asked me if I wanted to have anyone in the U.S. killed... it would only cost me $200. I thought of Linda Hopkins right away, but declined the generous offer. True story.

      I can see a Voodoo doll premium with extra pins thrown in. :)

      Do you suppose Reimers is a voodoo princess in drag?

    5. Trudeau should be made the new GM. He may be in prison, but he must be able to use a phone, like Mumbles does.

      I'm surprised you didn't pay the $200 and give her Steve Post's name...

      Would a voodoo doll of Null have to be organic to work?

      Reimers? Maybe an inept one.


    6. Mumia handles cell phones expertly, I believe, he just doesn't have anything significant to say.

      Steve Post self-destructed.

      How about a genetically modified Null doll?

      This Pacifica/WBAI farce has gotten so out of hand that it is difficult to think of anything serious to say.