Monday, December 15, 2014

Houston, you have a new problem...

True to form, Mitchel Cohen, rose-colored glasses in place, emerges from the WBAI bunker doing the Reimers twist.
Hi Richard,

Many of us have taken a "wait-and-see" attitude towards Pacifica nationally, while working to strengthen our local stations -- at least at WBAI, which I know best, of course.

Even though Cerene Roberts announced that Margy was elected as Chair of the PNB almost a year ago, this clearly was a tie vote and should have been decided by a flip of the coin. 
But the minority did not effectively challenge that, and instead even further alienated many of even its supporters by overreaching and throwing the kitchen sink at a very simple, understandable, and flawed decision. Even the minority's own choice for Chair, George Reiter, did not go on to challenge that decision. (We had been previously horrified by many in the minority's attempt to lease out the station.) Why turn every decision into a factional war? Whose interests does that serve?

I and MANY others withdrew from that bureaucratic fight. After all, Margy has been involved with KPFA and has a long history herself in the antiwar and socialist movements, so why not put our swords away and get to work trying to improve things? Which is what we at WBAI have done, despite WBAI's non-representative reps on the PNB.

Despite the badly run PNB officers' election, I don't see that Margy's actions have been any more harmful to the network than anyone else's. And she has been nothing but supportive of WBAI, the way any national officer should be.

In fact, things are looking up at WBAI, despite the naysayers on this listserve. Our programming has vastly improved (thank you Mario Murillo, with the help of many of us). Funding is starting to recover (although all-too-slowly). We NEED those CPB funds, what's the hold-up now?

So my question for you, my friend, is what would you have done differently IN SUBSTANCE (forget the bureaucratic manipulation and maneuverings)?

Would you please make a list of the substantial policies that you and the minority would have enacted had George Reiter won the  Chair that would be different than what has been done this past year? A listing like that would be helpful.


Mr. Uzzell's response is brief and honest:

Hi Mitchel,

I applaud any real effort to strengthen the local stations, and I wish you a great holiday season (for the ones you don't "hate.")



  1. Awww... Ain't that so cute and democratic? The inmates are getting to choose a new administrator for their asylum. One day they will learn to finger paint and do their 12Cs and AB3s. And shortly thereafter they will learn all about bankruptcy...


  2. I hope he filed a similar complaint with the FCC. The Commission takes EEO irregularities seriously.

  3. Mitchel Cohen and Mimi Rosenberg should get married to each other. They'd be the perfect left wing sitcom couple.

    "Mimi, things are looking up at WBAI!'

    "Really? Did Reimers get another multi-million dollar money smuggling offer from Nigeria in his email he never answers?"


    "No, Mimi. He found a bunch of parents willing to volunteer their childrens' labor to packaging 5 year old expired premiums!"



    1. "Not to worry, Mimi, Mikie is becoming quite adept at changing the expiry dates—a dab of Double Helix will dissolve the old ones."

      (They all go Mmmm*)


  4. Almost forgot. I thought I'd post this in case anyone is interested. The Bob Fass documentary Radio Unnameable DVD is available at a good discount via at $9.95. Not a bad price considering going to some theater would cost you more.


    1. And there's no Freeform Fass to wake up for the Q&A. :)