Saturday, August 2, 2014

Twit Wit from the top of Margy's head...

Unable to bring in Thursday's "special" PBS meeting, I found a much more interesting substitute: KPFA's Twit Wit Radio show, which captures the flavor of these sad meetings and offers satire that puts to shame WBAI's own CCCP attempts at the genre and Reimers' recent discovery, Julianna Forlano. I think you will enjoy this audio clip, which includes the actual voice of the infamous Margy Wilkinson.


  1. Hey! That's pretty damn funny! It's even better than Reimers on a "Report With The Listener." I love the William "Rosko" Mercer voice.

    Fun to hear this after being in the kitchen cooking and listening to the new(?) Blosdale crap pushing the music that will cure your ill health.

    Anyway, Forlano should be forced to listen to this, but she would probably never understand it, since she knows nothing about Pacifica, WBAI or parody...

    A great war crime movie - The Green Berets... HAHAHA!

    Earlier I listened to Freund's ode to Adler. Nice and heartfelt, even if a bit disjointed and babbling, as he tends to be. It was nice to hear Manya's voice again. Holy smokes does she have the most amazing voice I ever heard on a woman on the radio! Even better than Alison Steele.


  2. I just listened to that Pacifica board hootenanny from the other day that I downloaded. What can one say? Besides wasting most of the time on arguing bullshit, background sound effects, not being able to take a simple vote, people changing their vote after voting, an MC I couldn’t even understand most of the time and assorted other frolics, they actually accomplished something insightful albeit inadvertent – they taught me why big time radio network corporations exist and a circus like Pacifica is at death’s doorstep.

    They wasted almost all their time arguing about doing nonsense that they barely got done. What a crock of utter childlike frolics over the sandbox. So much time wasted over voting on a five minute extension? What? I could barely even understand what the hell they were all arguing over. Next time maybe they will argue over a man’s right to be pregnant, like in Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

    You know what these self-important imbeciles remind me of? Ever been in the home of a large dysfunctional family, where everyone is doing their own thing? One person blasting the TV, one playing the radio, people yelling from one room to another room, dog barking, baby crying, etc. Yup, that’s Pacifica!

    I changed my mind. There is no hope for these clowns who are incapable of even focusing on any real problems and dealing with them. Wasting twenty or more minutes voting over a five minute extension… Oh, please..!

    When will the FCC just step in and strip the licenses of these five radio stations from Pacifica? I hate saying that, but there are no excuses anymore. Pacifica has no right to own or operate any radio stations.


    1. This is exactly what some of them have been doing on Nalini's listserv for several weeks. Back and forth, back and forth, calling each other names, declaring each other liars, and accomplishing absolutely nothing!

      I think you're right, there is no hope as long as this crew is involved, and there is no hope of them letting go... ergo, there is no hope for Pacifica.

      Did you know that the fines related to the severance tx has not yet been paid? What we have been able to dig up is catastrophic, but I thing the situation is worse than we might imagine.

      Last night, Ryan the sledgehammer wielder who is not equipped to cope with the audio problems and may, in fact, have contributed to them, told Gary Byrd that he was about to build a small studio at the Brooklyn location. He plans to pay for it out of his own pocket and he hadn't yet told Berthold. Dingeman also has plans, he wants to start home delivery of the products (those "gifts" you pay through the nose for and may never receive).

      As for Pacifica not having the right to own stations, I know what you are saying, but it is difficult for me to equate these bozos with Pacifica. You should have known it in the earlier years---different ballgame altogether.

    2. Nalini's list reminds me of those old songs, like "I can do anything you can do better" or "My dog is better than your dog."

      Pacifica doesn't even know what they owe whom or what. Haven't they ever heard of getting an professional accounting agency? I bet they have lawsuits going on they don't know about.

      Spending hundreds of dollars a month on copy machines? What the hell for? Are they really so retarded they don't know how to BUY their own? Ever hear of Staples?

      Ryan building a studio? You mean he found an old Mr. Microphone cheap on ebay? I bet he couldn't build a studio half as good as the old NYC FM pirate stations like WHOT or Stereo 9.

      I read about the home delivery of premiums. Better get someone to ride shotgun (or sledgehammer) with you because you're going to meet some serious psychos, and even some seriously pissed off psychos. "YO! You finally get my damn Boku to me two years after it expired?!?!" (By the way, Boku just did a recall because of a salmonella threat in their products!)

      Yes, years earlier it was different. However, that is the past, and these sociopaths are the present. Gary Null could do better with the station, and that hurts to say.

      Remember: The only difference between ergo and ego is an "r."


      P.S. How a bout a new premium for people who don't want a gun in the house? The Tony Ryan Home Defense Sledgehammer Kit! Yes, folks. It even comes with an instructional video featuring Ryan with guest stars the LSB and Monroe Litman!

  3. Martin MarprelateSunday, August 03, 2014

    This morning on High Praize, someone called in and said, "What is this s--t? Play us some music, man!"

    It seems to have been edited out of the recording in the Archives.

    1. I think it was deleted, as you say, but the question was valid, Daulton's taste in music can be likened to plastic furniture covers—it's really bad and quite amazing when one considers how much great black gospel music is available. I will be posting something on this later today, including the rest of that embarrassing call-in segment.