Monday, July 14, 2014


  1. Israel is the one country in the world that is allowed to suppress criticism of it's governmental policies by equating it with "anti-semitism," a variable word used inappropriately to mean anti-Jewish racism, anti-Judiaism, or any other meaning that is useful at any given time. A good means of shutting down any debate critical of any actions of the Israeli government.


    1. I couldn't agree with you more, SDL.

      AIPAC and its cohorts are capable of much more than name-calling: Alexander Cockburn lost his job at THE VILLAGE VOICE because of their accusations against him. And Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were imprisoned both in Warsaw and Auschwitz, has lost two tenure track teaching positions (thanks to Alan Dershowitz) because of things he has said like, for instance, that concentration camp survivors would identify more with Palestinians than with Israelis.


  2. So true. This situation—sadly, a reoccurring one—underscores the importance of disinfecting our own government. It is infested. with whores, and likely to remain so

  3. If criticizing Israel is anti-Semitism, then what is criticizing US foreign policy?