Friday, September 27, 2013

Where's that pink slip?



  1. Maybe Bert was recommended by Professor Gloria Brown Marshall whose appearance on WBAI's airwaves this morning inspired me to write this comment to Mr. Glen Ford at BLACK AGENDA REPORTS in response to his article,
    "Obama Reeks of Sulfur at the UN".

    I had the misfortune this morning to listen to an academic named Gloria Brown Marshall whose most notable talent is her ability to talk forever without pausing to take a breath.

    Ms. Marshall defended every aspect of the Obama presidency from The Affordable Health Care Act to his foreign policy. As usual with the Nation /DNC crowd, she attributed all failures and bad outcomes to the evil Republicans who place obstacles in front of Mr.Obama and thus prevent him from leading us to Canaan.

    Who is this Law Professor at John Jay College? With whom does she consort? How did she achieve her prominence? Who is her Penny Pritzker?


  2. Other Rhetorical Questions:

    1. Is there an eleventh commandment that decrees “Thou shalt have black-hosted, black-themed shows at morning and evening drive times?

    2. Why is Friday and Saturday programming designed for black adolescent hip-hoppers? Why is hip-hop, the doggerel of popular music, on WBAI at all?

    3. Why does “Education At The Crossroads” almost never have programs about education? And why is “Equal Time for Free Thought” also permitted to get away with mission drift? These are important topics. The programs should have serious, informed hosts capable of adhering to the agenda.

    4. Why is Kaffy Davis allowed to have a program? Is there anyone who feels this woman is intelligent, educated, or trained enough to discuss anything with any authority?

    5. Why are programs like “In Other News” or “Astrology Numerology Now” on WBAI? When did WBAI become the headquarters for obscurantism, cultural relativism, and other post-modernist drek?

    6. Why was a second rate accountant like Reamers ever given the job of GM of a radio station? Does Pacific consider place of birth and skin color more important that any experience in related positions or professional training?

    7. Why is a pathological liar like Jim Dingeman allowed to represent the station. Has he ever refuted or even challenged the charge that he lied on WBAI’s airwaves about being a Vietnam war veteran?

    8. Why is responsible criticism of WBAI ignored by management?


  3. Last night I watched a movie that had been recommended by Indigo Pirate. It is called "Premium Rush". I plan to send it to Reimers as a possible solution to the problem of timely delivery of premiums.

    I recommend the movie to fellow bike riders like Justine. But do not watch it just before bedtime. It is a veritable adrenaline rush. I couldn't get to sleep for hours. And when I did, I dreamed of having terrible bicycle accidents with taxis, push-carts, horse drawn carriages, baby strollers, pedestrians, garbage trucks, and even a low flying helicopter. Or maybe it was a low flying velociraptor.

    It's a good thing I didn't listen to Kaffy Davis or Jeff Brady before falling asleep. I imagine I would have dreamed of chemtrails, flying saucers, stigmata, and sexually predatory angels.

    Thanks for the recommendation, Indigo Ebert.