Wednesday, January 23, 2013

...and the earth shook!

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The following comment is from The Pacifica Maven. He and I agree on many things that pertain to WBAI, but I should say here that my critique of and disappointment in Barack Obama, though strong, is somewhat milder. Do I think he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize? Absolutely not, but—as I have said before—consider the alternative that was available to us.

Here is the above-mentioned link to Robert Finch's article.

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  1. I wish you could have heard Knight at the top of his game. At one time, he was my second favorite producer at WBAI behind Bob Fass. He was an excellent producer and a very smart journalist.

    Now, he is everything you say he is. I can't listen to WBAI in the afternoons. Hugh Hamilton has converted his program into another all black news show, and if orchestra's had a section for tape players, Knight could moonlight. Sad. Earthwatch was once a terrific program.

    Jared Ball is right on about Obama, as are his BAR colleagues Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon. Obama's Secretary of Education is a venture capitalist whose policy is the privatization of our public schools; his Secretary of State's only qualification for office is she worked as a bag woman for her concubine, the Governor of Arkansas. His foreign policy is more murderous than Bush's; his domestic policy is to bail out banks and increase taxes for the middle class and eliminate services for the poor. Eventually he and his Republican friends will privatize Social Security and Medicare. The Affordable Care Act is a travesty written by the insurance companies.

    Robert Fitch has a great article on Obama's early career.

    Obama, who calls himself a "community organizer" was more likely to be the lawyer for the landlord when the plaintiffs were suing for heat and hot water. The Obamas are as despicable as the Clintons. At least the Reagans and the Bushes kept their promises to their constituency.