Saturday, September 29, 2012

A story for our times...

WBAI is desperately in need of basic funds. So desperate is its management that it looks the other way when staffers and volunteers perform fraud in order to get listeners to cough up more money. One has to wonder why—that being the case—management either ignores or otherwise resists legitimate ideas for fund-raising.

Well, it turns out that WBAI is not alone when it comes to such inexplicable negligence of duty on the managerial level. Here's a horror story written by Kevin White of KPFT, Pacifica's Houston outlet. It has an all too familiar ring to it. I found this story on another Pacifica board, Pacifica Airwaves, and thought it appropriate to distribute in places to which true Pacifica supporters find their way. Click on the letter to enlarge it.

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