Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When spirit exceeded budget...

I post this blurb from the July 21, 1966 issue of the BBC's RADIO TIMES to underscore something I have been saying for the past couple of years: WBAI's "news" coverage has gone from world class to barely local. We not only matched but often left in the dust what the mainstream networks were putting out there, and we did it on a budget that barely would have paid for their lunch. Dale Minor was an extraordinary reporter—a real reporter—and his work was widely appreciated, because it was not just a rehash of something gathered from others, and because it was honest. 

This little blurb appeared when the BBC ran Dale's The Battle of Da Nang, but it was not the only time we (WBAI) sold a program to a major overseas network. Notice the reference to Freedom Now, for example.

Let's hope that WBAI soon gets rid of the pretenders who have grown stale on their little piece of turf and hires or accepts as volunteers, producers who can reach or rise above the level this once proud radio station used to occupy.

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