Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quiet please, Scammers resting.....

They have put aside the Bates bamboozles until the next full scale assault on Pacifica's principles is launched. It won't be long, I can already see St. Kathy of Davis mounting her steed, Hufnagel banner in hand, and a thoroughly Thandiwed™ Scott tape is being digitalized and transferred to a no-wear medium. Knight is re-studying the Beck instructional DVD, Faulkner and Brady have reached across the land and consolidated their never-ending search for undesired truth. The WBAI Special Effects Dept. has temporarily reassigned its phone ringers to the monumental task of weeding through the mountain of fresh misinformation proposals that each fund-raiser brings in the mail—whose scam will make it the next time? Will a perennial fraud suffer its final frenetic pitch?

In the meantime, there has been a return to business as usual. This morning, Habte Selassie and Dred Scott were no-shows—oh, it wasn't their fault, it was yet another IPD malfunction. Perhaps Bates was distracted by the Guinness people, who are said to be scouting the globe in search of the longest "interim." Mr. Bates is considered a major contender for that title.

Could we have a drop of that magic water for the horse? Although the wait will not be long, the weight can be backbreaking.


  1. For those who want to know more about the who and what behind double-helix water, I recommend this site:

    And for those who are stupid enough to take this nonsense seriously, please contact me. I have a limited supply of triple-helix bat piss for sale.

    The Pacifica Maven

    1. Thank you, P Maven. If they still had The Folio, I could see Hufnagel as a centerfold.