Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything old is....

I guess it's an endless loop. Here's what was happening 43 years ago! (click on the image to make it readable).

I have the entire Hotel Diplomat meeting on a tape that I am trying to transfer for posting.


  1. Pacifica, at all five sister stations, is desparate for generational change.

    Kevin White

    Bored stiff by KPFT's Country and Western, red necked, anti-mission, nonsense.

    1. Generational change would be good for WBAI, but it takes more to bring it back. Let me clarify that nobody wants WBAI to be brought back to mirror the old program content—what is needed is a return to intelligent, honest,meaningful programming and a microphone that is truly open to fresh ideas and new voices.
      The tired old pseudo spiritual crap, the conspiracy theories, the health hucksters, and the opportunistic pretense needs to be flushed out.