Monday, August 29, 2011

Tana's farewell.

It is seven pages long and single spaced, but I think Tana de Gámez's 1969 farewell letter to Dale Minor offers a glimpse of what the Millspaugh management brought to WBAI. Unfortunately, you will be left with a "so what's new?" feeling, because the atmosphere of favoritism and "Lew Hill, who-o-o?" that Millspaugh and his gang initiated, persists. I know this a lengthy read, but if WBAI's past interests you, I think you might find it absorbing and somewhat clarifying when it comes to understanding why the station has been locked in on a downward path for so many decades. 

Some of you will have experienced Frank Millspaugh up close and you probably know why I find so amazing the naïve adoration my current detractor on the blue board expresses. As I post more documents from the Millspaugh period, I think you will see why I say that WBAI's current attitude towards listeners has deep roots.

Finally, I should mention that the broadcast Tana refers to as the "Albertson bombshell" will be explained in future posts, one of which will include a complete transcript of the program.

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